Outstanding Service and Accessibility for all at Belfast City Airport

Posted 22 Oct, 2018

George Best Belfast City Airport is committed to providing passengers travelling through the airport - whether arriving or departing - with outstanding service, ensuring that it is accessible and comfortable for all.

In 2018, Belfast City Airport was ranked in the highest category, ‘very good’, for its accessibility services in a report by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The airport was praised for launching a number of new initiatives to guarantee an enjoyable experience for all passengers using its facilities – including being the first airport to introduce the JAM Card.

JAM Cards, launched by the NOW Group, have been introduced to discreetly notify staff that holders may require additional time in a simple and non-verbal way. While originally intended for those with learning disabilities, the JAM Cards can now be used by anyone experiencing a barrier to communication.

Judith Davis, Airport Operations Manager, said:

“With over 10,000 people currently using the JAM Cards, it was essential we trained our staff to recognise the implications of travelling with a disability or difficulty and how to best assist those passengers.

“Our staff have been trained to identify both the card and the app, helping us provide the best quality of service intended to meet the needs of each individual passenger, whether departing from or arriving in Northern Ireland.”

Belfast City Airport has also provided its staff with training to recognise hidden disability lanyards, designed to remove any apprehension from those who find the prospect of travelling daunting.

Judith added:

“We always try to ensure the passenger journey through the airport exceeds expectations and while we already offer full assistance to those with reduced mobility, the introduction of these lanyards ensures those with hidden disabilities can also enjoy a smooth journey through the airport.”

Additionally, Belfast City Airport works with local disability groups, such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Northern Ireland Assistance Dogs, to best understand the needs of its passengers.

In a partnership with Parents Education as Autism Therapists (PEAT NI) and Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast City Airport took part in the “Autism in the Air” programme, and Signature, the leading provider of British Sign Language qualifications in the UK, has also attended sessions with staff in the airport to improve their ability to communicate with all passengers.

Judith concluded:

“Our staff are passionate about providing the best service and have worked hard to keep waiting times at a minimum whilst ensuring they treat each person with the dignity and respect they deserve.

“It’s testament to the great work of the team and the partners we work with in ensuring our facilities and procedures cater to the requirements of all our passengers.”

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