NITA Welcomes News from NI Executive Announcement on Travel Regulations

Posted 10 Jul, 2020

Responding to the NI Executive’s announcement on travel regulations, Joanne Stuart, CEO NI Tourism Alliance commented:

“Today’s confirmation from the NI Executive that travellers from low & medium risk countries do not need to self-isolate when travelling to Northern Ireland is very positive news for the tourism industry, as well as the wider economy and is a huge relief to tourism businesses who are just reopening their doors after being hit first and hardest by the economic impact of Covid-19.

Our industry, with government guidance, has invested heavily to ensure that Northern Ireland is a safe and welcoming destination.

This move, especially maintaining travel across the Common Travel Area, will help rebuild NI as a destination for national and international travellers whilst saving jobs by giving tourism businesses the best chance of maximising the rest of the 2020 season. Our message is come to Northern Ireland, we offer great value for money, a safe environment and an authentic experience.”